Yoga & Mindfulness
in companies

Help your employees deal with stress and find more peace.

Yoga & Mindfulness in companies

Many employees indicate that Mindfulness and yoga improve quality of work&life, both physically and mentally. Apart from these personal goals, yoga is proven effective in reducing absenteeism and increasing labor productivity. In 2008 I started Yoga & Mindfulness in companies. I offer a wide range of Yoga, Mindfulness, Communication workshops and meditation classes. Companies such as Bugaboo, RTL, Deloitte and MTV Networks etc. are repeat customers.

Besides weekly lessons on location, I also organize tailor-made workshops in which useful themes such as “Dealing with stress” and “Mindful Communication” are popular themes. With Yoga & Mindfulness in companies employees learn to become more aware in a pleasant way. They learn how to handle stressful situations/meetings from their own strength without becoming overwhelmed.

Yoga teaches your people to balance their body and breath and to reduces stress. Mindfulness helps them to develop their unique qualities more effectively, reduce stress and increases productivity.

By practicing Yoga & Mindfulness, your employees learn:

  • To deal with stress and find more peace.
  • To balance body and mind.
  • To accept themselves and others as they are and work better together.
  •  To communicate with awareness.
  • To become more aware of automatic behavior/reactions.
  • To work more productively
  • To increase creativity by working with courage and self-confidence.

Reasons for working with me as a teacher:

  • I work with a lot of passion for various companies and I have over 10 years of experience in companies.
  • I am used to clearly attuning to culture, working methods and colleagues.
  • For me teaching Mindfulness and yoga is the greatest thing because I can make a true and effective contribution to other people’s quality of life and work.
  • From my media and corporate background I can understand employees well and I am a serious conversation partner within large companies at all levels. I know what it means to work for corporate companies.
  • I offer a broader lesson pallet than most teachers, specialized in several areas and I am fully certified.
  • I take care of organization, planning and promotion. No extra effort for HR department.

I would like to visit you and your company to discuss a customized proposal for your employees. I also offer a free trial lesson to HR employees and other decision makers. In this way you can experience yourselves whether the lessons fit your companies wishes and culture. The lessons can take place during the lunch break and/or after working hours. Together we examine whether there is a suitable space (in the neighborhood or at the office) for doing yoga. I provide yoga mats and other necessities. TBD price (depending on location, time, number of participants).

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more info, I am happy to help you.

Best wishes, Annemarie

Where you tend a rose, my lad, a thistle may not grow.

- Francis Hodgson Burnett
Annemarie teaching Mindfulness in a workshop for 80 members of the hospitality staff of Vermaat Groep


Besides the fact that it is wonderful to ‘be in Annemarie’s wonderful energy’ every week, the effect of the Yoga and Mindfulness training has proven to be sustainable. Based on my personal challenges, Annemarie came up with a yoga routine for me i.c.m. the right breathing technique. I get up (almost) every morning and I start my day happily before I go to the office. Mindfulness helps me at important moments of the day, a meeting or a presentation, to be there conscious and awake. Annemarie taught me all kinds of techniques that I can apply at any time. Before the training I meditated twice a day for 20 minutes with my eyes closed in a corner, now I meditate in the train or on the bike for example. Annemarie is an inspiring, authentic and great trainer who provides freedom. Nothing is obligated and everything is allowed. That’s why her lessons never felt like an obligation, but as a gift you always want to return to.

Roel van Rijsewijk
Partner at Deloitte

Annemarie is a very enthusiastic and driven Yoga and Mindfulness Trainer. Her training style is characterized by a passionate, down-to-earth approach combined with a lot of humor. She is very professional at her job and shows a lot of empathy. Annemarie explains the matter in an understandable way without making it too heavy. She has her background in the Corporate Media and Advertising Industry. So it is easy for her to communicate with a group of Business Professionals, even those who have never been in contact with Mindfulness. In addition to the personal guidances of small training groups, she is also capable of organizing workshop or lectures for a large group. I worked with Annemarie with great succes during a Mindfulness workshop for over 80 Catering Managers. Personally, I always enjoy working with Annemarie and I can wholeheartedly recommend her!

Marjolein Ruitenbeek
Founder Het Oplaadpunt